My journey is akin to most: filled with starts and stops, U-turns, getting lost, and being found. Thankfully the good Lord has been with m e and continues to guide me through it all.

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in the Lonestar state all my life, it has been interesting to serve in the ‘far north’ of Spencer, IA for the last three years. I am blessed with a beautiful bride and two wonderful children. My faith walk has been an ecumenical one, each flavor of our faith teaching me something as vital as my Associates in Music, my Bachelors in Cultural Anthropology and the Masters of Divinity that I am currently working toward. We live in a time where most of our nation describes itself as ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’. This tells me that many still believe in God but have stopped believing in the Church. I believe our church needs to ask itself what its role has been in this change. One can have very right beliefs, but very wrong behavior. I have a great love for the rituals and traditions of our church as we need them to hold us together in a community of faith, but we must not confuse the symbol with the substance. I believe that an authentic, mature faith is the cure for the brokenness of this world, and it is the calling of my life to do my humble part in stewarding this from within the body of the church.